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KVM supplies tailor made solutions for asphalt and concrete industries throughout the world. Drawing on more

than 50 years of experience, KVM is a competent and reliable partner.

The quality of our products is measured by the relation between costs, efficiency and reliability in operation. KVM's

main goal is to promote customers' development and growth both before and after running in the plants. We know

what we are dealing with, and, more importantly, what your company is dealing with.

KVM has subsidiaries and business partners in more than 20 countries - and more are on the way. Our products

are sold all over the world. KVM has approx. 250 employees, all of which are highly qualified. Most of them have

many years of experience from working at KVM.

The company is known for its environmental and human considerations. This goes from constantly improving

the working conditions at KVM and all the way to environmental concern at the customer's site. We aim to make

plants that are environmentally safe.


If you are environmentally conscious, then choose a plant from KVM.






KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S . Industrivej 24 . DK-8620 Kjellerup . Tlf: +45 87 702 700 . Fax: +45 87 702 701 . e-mail: kvm@kvm.dk