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Product programme

KVM has a wide range of products in the business of machines for the production of all types of concrete products.

KVM produces:

  • Block machines

  • Handling systems

  • Cubing and packing systems

  • Secondary processing machinery

KVM is well-known for flexibility, quality, durability and service. In co-operation with the customer we design, produce and mount the machinery so that it corresponds exactly to the customer's wishes and needs.

You can find more information on this website or by contacting our sales team.


  • High output
  • Strongest machines in the business 
  • Product versatility
  • Back-up service 


KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S . Industrivej 24 . DK-8620 Kjellerup . Tlf: +45 87 702 700 . Fax: +45 87 702 701 . e-mail: kvm@kvm.dk