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Are you interested in working with KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S?
The cornerstone of KVM is the development of great products for our customers. This can only happen in good

and inspiring working conditions, and it is a top priority for us that our employees thrive both professionally and


We are always interested in being contacted by qualified and committed people and we happily receive spontaneous

job applications. 

How to apply

Vacant jobs will be advertised in the press and on this web-site.

Spontaneous job applications can be sent to the address or e-mail below and will be handled in strict confidence.



Industrivej 24
Postboks 60
DK-8260 Kjellerup 

Or send an e-mail to: kvm@kvm.dk



KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S . Industrivej 24 . DK-8620 Kjellerup . Tlf: +45 87 702 700 . Fax: +45 87 702 701 . e-mail: kvm@kvm.dk