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Bitumen Storage

The KVM bitumen storage system is available with either horizontal or vertical tanks. All tanks are insulated with 300 mm insulation and a single metal sheet gives the final finish. The tanks are heated by electrical heating elements, which are submersed in the lower part of the tank. Each tank is fitted with at control system, watching and controlling the temperature in the tank. KVM offers 2 types of pumps: The free-standing type, which can serve several tanks, or the submersed type, which can serve one tank only.

KVM bitumen heater to heat / discharge barrels of 200 litres. In some parts of the world it is not possible to get bitumen in tanks, so therefore bitumen is put into barrels and shipped by boat, truck or train.
The bitumen heater is heated by hot air, generated with an oil burner placed in a chamber.

KVM offers different kinds of safety equipment to go with the bitumen storage.  

Bitumen Storage



  • Short pay-back time
  • Sturdy design
  • Reliability
  • Accessible
  • Environment in focus
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