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Series 1500, types 80/125, 105/125 and 125/125

The machines are the largest and heaviest of the KVM block making machines. 
The machines are very versatile and are used by producers wanting a reliable and flexible machine with a high output.
This series is used for producing all types of products i.e. slabs, kerb stones, building blocks, bricks, pavers, briquettes etc. with heights from 28 - 500 mm.

Due to the controlled concrete handling, the machine gives an accurate filling of all types of moulds with a density variation of less than 1% and a height variation of 0,5 mm. The controlled concrete handling also allows the machine to produce with a concrete that is more wet than normal and contains less cement.


The Series 1500 machines are divided into three types with pallet sizes ranging from 800 x 1350 mm to 1300 x 1450 mm.

For more information, please download our product sheets on this page or contact sales team.



  • Efficiency and versatility 
  • Absolute reliability 
  • Simple maintenance
  • Adaptablilty  
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