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John Wainwright & Co Ltd has officially opened their Avommouth Asphalt depot

which KVM in close relationschip have designed together with the customer.

The working relationschip has been outstanding, and safety at site and sustainability

have been mandatory for this project tells the customer.

The final result is a state of the art Asphalt plant for the future

which we all can be proud of.


Key technical facts
KVM type Freja 4000H/250-10-318 hybrid asphalt plant with a production capacity of 240 tonnes per hour, and storage of 600

tonnes in ten 60-tonne silos. Offers a full suite of asphalt products, including red asphalt, PMB asphalt and pre-coated chippings.


Key environmental facts
Intelligent site design reduces distances travelled on-site, increasing fuel efficiency.
Using locally sourced bio-methane gas saves up to 400,000kg per annum on CO² emissions.
Photovoltaic roof panels help reduce grid electricity consumption by up to 100%.
Plant accepts two different grades of Recycled Asphalt Planings (RAP).


A greener, more sustainable, future

Our new asphalt plant is at the forefront of sustainability. That’s because we’re committed to minimising our impact on

the planet, while producing top-quality materials for the construction industry.

Here are some of the ways it is kinder to the environment.


Our customer says:

• We store raw materials in covered bays, with sloping bases. This keeps them drier, meaning we expend less energy preparing them
for asphalt production. A saving of 1% of moisture reduces energy consumption by as much as 800kWh per 100 tonnes of aggregate.

• Thanks to its intelligent design, our production site minimises the distance travelled by the loading shovel, saving valuable energy.

• There are 4 temperature probes situated along the length of the drying barrel. By close monitoring, we can modulate the gas-fired

burner and the speed at which the barrel rotates, thereby ensuring the most energy-efficient operation.

• Our local gas grid uses bio-methane from the nearby Wessex Water sewage treatment facility.

This, allied with the burner/dryer modulation, saves up to 400,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions per annum.

With a 215Kwp photovoltaic installation, we reduce grid electricity consumption by up to 30% during peak production, and up 

to 100% when energy use is low. This yields an annual saving of 185,000kWh, and 74,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

• The plant accepts two different grades of Recycled Asphalt Planings (RAP). This sustainable material can be added at up to 25% of

the raw feed, but 20% is typical. At this level, we will save around 331,200kg of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

• Thanks to KVM’s unique steam-evacuation column, residues are returned to the production process, thereby eliminating waste.

• Soft-start high-efficiency motors keep energy consumption to a minimum. Moreover, the plant is extensively lagged to

retain heat, uses LED lighting throughout and harvests rainwater for use in cleaning.

• Our weigh-gear features integral check-weights to ensure that recipe weights are measured from a zero tare.

This enhances accuracy, and minimises waste.


• Thanks to these measures, we estimate that our annual saving on carbon dioxide emissions is at least 805 tonnes.

That’s a significant gain to the environment, and ensures we operate at the highest levels of efficiency.


KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S . Industrivej 24 . DK-8620 Kjellerup . Tlf: +45 87 702 700 . Fax: +45 87 702 701 . e-mail: kvm@kvm.dk