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The future

KVM has from the very beginning in the 1950s focused on product development and the company still spends

many resources on new kinds of product development and production technology.
Product development mainly focuses on increased capacity and productivity - and thereby the customer's 

profitability - for the new plants.  

KVM is not bound by conventions but continually strives for renewal and development.
Our strategy is to cover new requirements from our international customers. In Scandinavia, where we have the

world's toughest environmental demands on plants, KVM has created a strong platform for new products.


The future at KVM brings new generations of advanced plants for the building and construction industries.
The R & D department continually uncovers new process possibilities and tests new technology in close 

cooperation with well known test centres both in- and outside Denmark.


KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S . Industrivej 24 . DK-8620 Kjellerup . Tlf: +45 87 702 700 . Fax: +45 87 702 701 . e-mail: kvm@kvm.dk